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Using google search can get very advanced when using their query modifiers. Google offers classes on how to use their search features, but the following tips on query modifiers takes the search to another level of science.

Why use search modifiers?

On an html page crawled by google, there is a lot of information to take in. For SEO professionals, it is possible to use the advanced google search queries to find relevant websites where links may be available. It can also help the marketing professionals learn about their competitors, such as where links to their sites are coming from.

For the student wanting to learn about web design for free, it may be helpful to omit results from websites looking for profits.

The following are tools to help you change the way Google works for you.

The following are some of our favorite Google Search  modifiers.

  • Inurl:search_query
  • Intitle:search_query
  • Filetype:search_query
  • Inpostauthor:search_query
  • “search_query_inquotes”
  • –search_query_omit
  • ~search_query_similar
  • search_query AND the_other_query
  • search_query OR the_other_query
  • Related:search_query

Examples of how these can be used:

Suppose you are looking for news or blogs or other websites where comments can be made to help you build relevant links. SEO professionals have harvested millions upon millions of links using computer programs that essentially perform the correct searches for vulnerable commenting systems and then automatically generate comments with links in them. Google hates this stuff and they punish those who like to play that game.

When looking for links it is a good idea to choose them with care. Using the following search query as an example for locating sites that have comments enabled begins to show some of the power of google query modifiers. The following will search for .com websites with the term websites and cloud and host in the url, that have comments on the page.

Copy/ paste the following in the Google Search box:

websites cloud host “Speak Your Mind” “comments” -“you must be logged in”

Google Results Screenshot

Google Results Screenshot

This is just a quick rundown on how to use google to find relevant, high quality links related to websites, the cloud and hosting. It could be used for any number of industries or content types.

Practicing with google search can create very advanced web designers in a short time. Nearly every subject in the world is discussed on the internet, but sometimes finding reliable sites can become a burden. Omitting sites from search results, such as the -“you must be logged in” above in this instance of use was able to find sites where comments may no need the user to be logged in.

There is so much more you can you these query modifiers for. Please discuss how you have used them or what you would like to accomplish below in our comments section.

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