Twitter, Facebook or Google+ | What should you spend your time on?

Social networking can help improve your results across search engines and further expose your website across the growing cloud. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are all great media outlets, but choosing one to concentrate your time and efforts on will depend on the demographic you are trying to focus on.

Twitter vs. Facebook

Twitter Verses Facebook

Twitter is rising above Facebook among children in America.

Survey data from Piper Jaffray is showing a new trend among teenagers in the United States.

The study by Piper Jaffray found 26% of teenagers used Twitter as their primary social networking tool. The study showed that 23% used the social media Facebook. This is an astounding drop of 10%.

Could the figures be real? It is really hard to know, especially since Piper Jaffray is a financial firm who may be investing in the upcoming $1 billion initial public offering that Twitter is planning.

Senior analyst for Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster still believes in Facebook, saying Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram for videos and pictures continues to look like a smart purchase. With the success of Pinterest, it is hard to disagree.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram remain well ahead of other social media used by teens. Less than 10 percent chose either Tumblr, Google+ or Pinterest as their most important social network.

What may be more important than anything else found in the study is the revelation of how many iPhones American kids are using.

All things considered, integrating a mobile responsive website with social networks seems to be the best best for up and coming websites.

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Jayson DeMers, a contributor for recently published what he claims will be the top 7 social networking trends for 2014. A brief review of his analysis is below.

Jayson believes that Google+ will continue to grow. The social network is a one-stop shop for pretty much everything when it comes to the internet. It ties directly into many of Google’s outstanding and free products.

He also says that picture and video media will continue to grow and dominate the scene. Jayson says that Path, Slideshare, Tumblr, and Mobli experience more growth and that it is important to make sure media is easily shared across the growing social platforms.

While Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram video sharing features grow, some platforms are seen to be falling in popularity. Jayson says that because Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are now integrating location based services into their platforms, Foursquare will fall.

While many people have forgotten about MySpace, the social network is hitting back hard using names like Justin Timberlake to help promote their website. Jayson believes they will grow and we have to agree. The new and improved MySpace will definitely be a player in the future.

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