Google+ for Business

Martin Shervington originally wrote an article titled, Google Plus For Business and Individuals. In this article he goes over the importance of using Google+ and also gives some excellent tips on setting up your Google Plus profile and more. The original article is here.

You can find the CircleCount statistics of his post here.

Martin Shervington puts it this way:

If Google+ is Google then ignoring Google+ would be like ignoring Google!

The benefits for an individual include:

  • Smart social experience in the Stream
  • A vibrant community for global networking
  • Google+ communities for finding likeminded people with similar passions

And for businesses they include:

  • Quality Social Engagement
  • Super-powered surfacing of content in Google Search (Social SEO)
  • Authority building
  • Awesome collaborative tools and cloud storage
  • Free video conferencing
  • Integration with YouTube – ideal for content creation and extending reach
  • Integration with Google Adwords – perfect for producing measurable results (BETA)

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