Adwords Optimization | Top Ten Tutorial

This tutorial will save lots of money on clicks if you are just getting started with Adwords or if you have not already studied the subject. Give us a call and we can set up your Adwords, manage your campaigns or provide you training on how to make the most of your CPC. 904.274.0787

Lowering the CPC and Increasing ROI

Google Adwords is an great platform for small or large business. Recently we were contracted to optimize a local service companies Adwords performance. The results were staggering. The following are the top 10 tools and guides for optimizing Adwords.

Before we started optimizing, the average cost per click over 33 dollars. Yesterday the average cost was $7.08. At 15- 30 clicks everyday the savings in just one week more than made up for our fees.

The Top Ten Things to Focus on for Lower Adwords Costs

1. Research the Competition

Figure out how they format and target ads and campaigns. Look at where they have their landing pages. Find anything to make your’s better.

2. Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing your landing page for a campaign or vice versa is very important. Google has a lot to say on the subject here.

3. Analytics

Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and Adwords reports should be studied extensively.

4. User Context

User context for a search is the device, time, and location of the search. Ad extension such as a click to call option on mobile devices or configuring campaign location settings can drastically decrease costs and increase profits.

5. Keyword Research

Study analytics and find the low hanging fruit. Long tail keywords/ phrases, spelling errors and other keywords can turn into gold.

6. Ad SEO

If the page that an ad is landing on does not have the keywords in the Ad then costs will go up.

7. Site Extensions

Google sometimes shows site extensions with ads. This allows the search results to show more about a website and what services/ products that are offered. This always helps increase click through rates.

8. Click Through Rates

Google likes for people to find what they are looking for and making money. If ads are not clicked on, then Google will either raise the cost per click (CPC) or not show the ad.

9. Ad Scheduling

For some companies it may be more productive to seek clicks through out the day during business hours. Use lower bids or disable campaigns when clicks are not profitable.

10. Location

Focus your campaigns on locations that provide you the highest profits. It may be beneficial to raise bids in some areas.

Good luck and remember, you can contact us for professional help with your Adwords accounts.

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