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In the following video, Google’s Matt Cutts discusses SEO. The video is from WordCamp, which is a gathering of WordPress users from around the world. Matt Cutts was the head of Google’s web spam prevention when the video was filmed in 2009. If anyone knows how Google chooses to place one site at the #1 spot, Matt is that one.

Google, MSN/ Bing and Yahoo drive traffic to sites. Google drastically leads the other two in traffic. While one site may reach #1 at Google it may not be found at MSN/ Bing or Yahoo, and vice-versa. Search engine optimization occurs in two ways. There are what is called on-site optimization and off-site search engine optimization.

On-site optimization focuses on site content and structure while off-site optimization focuses on your internet presence outside of your actual website. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, Reddit, LinkedIn, and many many more social networks are great ways to help drive traffic to your sites. Webmaster and analytics tools from Alexa, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, SEOMoz, and many others can help improve organic and paid results.

Press releases can offer great opportunities for obtaining traffic and promoting natural links to your business or website. Before obtaining this traffic, you will want to ensure that your site’s servers are operating and configured for the anticipated traffic. If your server fails under a high traffic load, Google has the memory you will end up wishing your servers had. Using the cloud technology today you can easily scale up and scale down your resources as needed to keep up with demand.

We have worked for years with the internet and have grown with it. We understand how the Search Engines rank sites and we can help you acquire top results while you improve traffic targeting, usability and conversions. Please Contact Us for proof of our results.

Plans for optimization depend on the budget a client sets forth, their goals, their current position and many other factors. Completely customized for each individual client, our services are perfect for beginners and the more advanced. We have worked extensively with Google Adwords, MSN Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more internet advertising systems including the Yellow Pages.

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