WordPress Tutorials, Starting with the Top 10

All over the internet you can find help for developing websites using the WordPress cloud application. Finding the best tutorial for your individual needs can sometimes be overwhelming, but you can rest assured with an almost 100% guarantee that all of your questions will be answered somewhere.

The Top 10

#1 WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the most comprehensive resource on the web for everything WordPress

The most comprehensive WordPress resource.

By far the most comprehensive resource on the internet for everything WordPress, wordpress.org may be our favorite website in existence. The site is a hub for thousands of engineers and developers who come together to help make the powerful CMS more secure, faster and all-around, just better.

WordPress.org offers an array of help for begineers and for the most advanced users of this very power CMS, CRM, e-commerce, blogging and social networking application. Begineers may want to Start Here, while the more experienced users will typically want to Start Here using the site search feature.

#2 YouTube

YouTube Video Tutorials WordPress

Video Tutorials

If you are just getting started using the web application, then YouTube can offer you thousands upon thousands of videos where users are coming together through the cloud to help each other. Unlike any book, or even WordPress.org, YouTube allows users to learn while watching others. Never in history has a resource like YouTube existed so make sure you use it anytime you are looking for more information on a WordPress subject.

Filters can help you search on YouTube through the ever increasing number of videos. After using the search box, click “Filters.” From here you will be able to sort your search to find updated information. Click Here for a list of today’s updated YouTube WordPress videos.

#3 RTCamp

What can we say? We dream of someday being a part of or a top competitor to RTCamp. If you need help with anything WordPress, they offer a huge range of services tailored to your individual needs, desires and goals. From theme and plugin development to complete server configuration using BuddyPress, RTCamp can help you with everything you need.

Contact RTCamp Today to get started with the best WordPress configurations at affordable prices. You can also find more Nginx server configuration details here too.

#4 Custom Theme Building Tutorials

Number 4 on our list is actually a list of tutorials we have found most helpful to create custom themes for WordPress.

#5 Custom Plugin Building Tutorials

Number 5 on the list is another list of tutorials to create custom plugins to integrate into WordPress.

  • http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin
  • http://ditio.net/2007/08/09/how-to-create-wordpress-plugin-from-a-scratch/
  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/wordpress/wordpress-plugin-development-course-designers-1/
  • http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/projects/article.php/3877226
  • http://chrislema.com/create-a-wordpress-plugin/

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