Who are the Best Web Designers?

Web design integrates so many technologies.

Windows, Ubuntu, Solaris, Linux, Mac, Nginx, mySQL, Apache, Apache2, php, xcode…

How do you choose from so many possibilities?

Endless server, application and design choices changing everyday.

How dow we integrate this together?

Linux, Debian, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, FrontPage. How do you choose?

So much software to choose from…

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Combining the various parts of the puzzle for a fast and efficient environment will depend on what the development is intended to do. Are we serving static websites? WordPress sites with E-commerce solutions? The next Angry Birds application?

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Speed, Page Speed

Today’s servers are faster than ever, especially on Nginx. The networks of fiber-optic, satellite, and wifi technologies enable data that travels faster than ever. New server technologies are making old systems look like snails. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are making video, music, and the ever-changing and increasing web applications extremely fast.

User Friendly Design

Applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and a growing list allow users with minimal computer coding knowledge the ability to update and maintain their websites without calling an outside web design consultant.

The best web designer

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We focus on providing an array of solutions for our clients. For clients with smaller budgets we can provide a site the client can build as their company grows. We can provide training, full scale SEO strategies, social networking

Always look for the following if you are developing a website with a trained professionals help.

Vast experience with web sites.  From planning, through executing design, to maintaining and upgrading services.

Vast experience with servers, hosting providers, and experience with multiple server technologies.

Look for graphic designers to fit your desires. The field is constantly changing and the number of great designers competing in the field is increasing very fast. Great designs do not have to come at a high price.

The Designers Job

Ensure that your website is in good hands by verifying the following list of experience you should look for.

  •  Site and design planning through clear goals and project management.
  •  Planning site navigation, content categories, and visitor interactions
  • Develop site content, graphics and other media
  • Coordination with teams for content development
  • Image, icon, banner and conversion rates understanding
  • Emails, direct mail pieces. Contests & awards
  • Server software and economics
  • Vast programming languages and experience with other computer programmers
  • Authoring and formatting tools
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • SEO, SEM, White Hat, Grey Hat, Black Hat
  • Analytics and statistical analysis
  • Security
  • Maintains current knowledge of Google, MSN and other’s best practices
  • Helps spread knowledge by teaching, reading professional publications, maintaining personal social networks,  and participating in professional organizations
  • Vast experience with breakdowns and problems.
  • Vast experience with the biggest names in open source computer programming including WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others.


The more experience, the better…


The cost to design a website varies depending on the designer, the client’s goals and the client’s budget.

It is very rare for the best designer to cost the least, but it is very common for the worst designer to offer far more than they can or will provide.

Skills and personal qualities

  • Look for creative mind with an imagination
  • Adaptable and able to pick up new techniques
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Independent able but thrives working with a team
  • Stays focused and calm through deadlines
  • Imitative for success in everything they do

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