What is Cloud Hosting?

A cloud host provides scalable resources that can easily distribute high traffic loads and spikes to keep your business or website going.

How it works.

Ex Nube

Of The Clouds, ExNube.com a Cloud Hosted Site

A group of computers, set up as servers, help each other host a website. When one computer may fail, the others are there to pick up the pieces. When hit with high loads and traffic each computer in the cloud can work to provide the resources needed to handle the increase. If the servers hosting your site are spread around the world in multiple data centers, the modes for failure diminish to apocalyptic circumstances.

What? Really… How does it work?

A computer runs using an operating system. Servers are computers and therefor need an “OS.” Common choices include Linux, Windows, and Solaris servers. Each choice has numerous versions. There are also tons of other less common choices.


Linux server operating systems are available from most of the largest hosting and cloud providers, including the powerful Amazon Cloud. It is open-source and is available for free. It is used to host more websites than any of the other choices.

If you are planning a site that uses PHP or MySQL, such as a WordPress installation, Linux is probably the hosting you should choose.

There are numerous Linux server “distributions.” Let’s look at the Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux Server

Free distributions of Linux that rock, the Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Cloud are free for downloading and are leading the revolution of cloud computing. The distributions make managing resources very fast and very easy. This allows for lower costs but no loss in hosting quality.


Windows Servers are used because they provide a familiar interface to those who prefer using PC products. They also allow integration with products that may only run on the Windows environment. If you are needing to use .net or asp.net, then you should choose a windows server configuration.

.NET and ASP.NET Hosting

Windows servers and the hosting provided are usually more expensive than Ubuntu, but as the growth of .net and asp.net continues, the number of Windows ran websites will grow along side.


If you are looking for enterprise cloud hosting, then take a look at a Solaris operating system provider. Solaris has gone back and forth from free, to now being in the hands of Oracle Corporation.

The First Cloud OS

Oracle claims that Solaris 11 was the first cloud server operating system.

How to Choose Your Cloud Host

When it comes time to make a choice, most will go with Linux or Windows hosting. Everyday a new provider jumps on the scene and a lot of times, these “new” providers are really just resellers using an established, larger companies servers and data-centers. Searching reviews across the web is a great way to find out about other’s experiences with different providers.

Who Can You Trust

You will want to watch out. It is always a good idea to talk with experienced users personally. Make sure they are not selling you through affiliate programs or reseller accounts.

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