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What is the difference between static, dynamic and e-commerce websites? Why pay more?

First off, you don’t have to pay more. In the same amount of time required to start any of them, an experienced developer can also install a complete e-commerce solution.  Contact Us at 904.802.1211 and we will explain over the phone or you can continue reading.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We want you to be treated fair and honest. We want to provide the most for the least. That is what we would want.

A static website is only that.  Static. The content stays the same, as well as the structure. Static websites typically should not be considered anymore with the ease of setting up a dynamic site as it’s replacement. While some of our competitors charge extra for a dynamic site vs. a static site, we do not.

Dynamic websites are taking over results across Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Most e-commerce websites today are also dynamic websites. A dynamic site may be a news site, a blog, a social network or an online shopping portal such as Ebay. Dynamic websites use cloud based applications to easily add, modify or delete the content (text, pictures, videos, files, etc.) on a website.

If you Google anything today, it is very likely you will land on a dynamic website using a cloud based application such as WordPress to make adding, editing and removing content easy enough for even novice computer users to take advantage of online search marketing and advertising.

Properly configured WordPress installations make “SEO” as simple as filling in a title, description, and keywords before clicking publish. Even stores such as White House Monogramming, that require detailed ordering instructions, payment processing and tax calculations can be designed to allow our clients the ability to harvest emails, add new products, add product pages, add news, create articles, write blogs, post pictures, embed videos, and so much more.

Dynamic websites using the wordpress cloud application are estimated to be 19% of the web.

The costs for dynamic sites using WordPress should no longer be more than a static site. With the WordPress computer program backing 19% of the internet, why not go with it?

We specialize in using a computer program which is the most widely used dynamic CMS system on the internet. WordPress is used by major news providers and also very large online shopping websites.

We utilize servers/ computers all around the globe and load the WordPress computer program onto the servers after we have optimized them for the application.

The entire system, while very complex on the backend, creates a front end interface that allows anyone with the ability to use Microsoft Word or Facebook to become a very efficient website builder. Now anyone can add pages, links, menus, products or otherwise create and change a website.

So… What does a static website cost?

When looking at the costs for a static website a very large range of prices must be factored in for graphics or other media such as video. While a video may cost thousands of dollars to produce, a simple splash page using your companies domain name may only cost a hundred bucks to set up and $1 a month to host.

Our most successful client, a Jacksonville Attorney, chose to leave out most of this cost on the legal network of sites to focus more on SEO and content. The sites use text with (phone number REALLY BIG), and basic stock images found for free across the internet. 

For a simple template based site assumed to be 10 Hours of work, the development price can be anywhere from $250 to $1500.00. We like to work with clients on an hourly rate. If a client is able to sit wiith us for 4 or 5 hours ($50 per hour is $200 to $250), we will have have an operable site up and running on the world wide web that is much more powerful than the static websites offered across the web.

Dynamic Platforms and Ecommerce Websites

The price for a dynamic website (WordPress in this case) varies depending on who you have do the job. It is possible to outsource the work required overseas and sometimes the results may be spectacular. More often than not, the results are poor or even damaging.

Simply Googling “what does an ecommerce website cost” provides a huge range of possibilities. In the top ten results we recently found the following from the makers of our favorite e-commerce plugin for WordPress, WooThemes.

Did you know that on average, of over 150 online retailers studied by Forrester, the cost of supporting their e-commerce systems was 7% of their online revenues.

The following quote was generated from http://www.designquote.net/. It would be similar to what our clients receive with around a $1000 to $3000 budget and approximately 20-60 hours of our time dedicated to the development. Hosting costs would need to be added, as well as any future maintenance costs.

A completely customized website 35 Hours
Custom graphics 4 Hours
Graphics presentation (sliders, scrolling pictures) 13 Hours
5 pages of content written 5 Hrs/Page
Member Registration System 6 Hours
RSS Feed 5 Hours
Google Maps 5 Hours
Contact Form 3 Hours
Site Search 4 Hours
Email Auto-response 2 Hours
File Upload Time 8 Hours
Google Integration 2 Hours
Shopping cart 10 Hours
Credit Card Processing 4 Hours
PayPal 3 Hours
Blog 6 Hours
Content Manager 6 Hours
Picture Gallery 6 Hours
Members Administration 5 Hours
Database Reports 5 Hours
Traffic Statistic Reports 1 Hours
MetaTag Keyword Optimization 5 Hours
Search Engine Submission 3 Hours
Twitter Integration 3 Hours
Facebook Page 5 Hours

Estimated Budget: $3,697 ~ $22,011

The lowest figure would be using the most risky Offshore web developers and the high end would be using expensive American providers.

According to http://www.howmuchdoesawebsitecost.com/, the cost for an ecommerce site will vary according to the following:

Standard E-commerce Web Design Pricing:

  • Outsourced Offshore: $500 ~ $10,000
  • US Developer: $3000 ~ $25,000
  • US Web Design Firm: $5000 ~ $50,000

What do we charge? As of the day this was written, we currently charge $50 per hour for all services we provide including the building of custom servers, consulting, SEO, graphic design, and all other phases of web development. We can train you to become a hosting provider, a web designer, or an SEO master all at one low hourly rate.

The web development hosting the White House Monogramming website uses Amazon’s Cloud System to deliver the content and process orders. The custom server is required for the high traffic load the site receives during back-to-school or Christmas time. The ordering system is detailed and complex. Customized graphics and presentation was required to maximize the user experience.

The total cost for the site to-date has been less than $3500. In the six months since it was first started the site has processed nearly $15,000 in revenue.

We can help you through all stages of business and web development. If you are just getting started in the internet business world or if you are wanting to improve your current internet presence, we can help. Call us. 904.802.1211 We are hear to help!

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