What does a Website Cost? | Static | Dynamic | E-commerce

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What is the difference between static, dynamic and e-commerce websites? Why pay more? First off, you don’t have to pay more. In the same amount of time required to start any of them, an experienced developer can also install a complete e-commerce solution. ¬†Contact Us at 904.802.1211 and we will explain over the phone or you can continue reading. Please contact us if you have any questions. We want you to be treated fair and honest. We … Continue reading

Keyword Research Tutorial | Free SEO Tool


Keyword research and gathering information from free online tools is part of the arsenal for successful SEO professionals. The best strategies for creating keyword lists and developing content are dynamic and must respond to the always changing cloud. The goal remains the same. We want to focus traffic to sites that will convert to sales or whatever your intended goal may be. Below you can find a free Keyword tool that will help you build a list … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Phones, IPads and Tablets

Responsive Web Design uses a fluid grid design and CSS3 media queries (the @media rule) that adjusts to screen and monitor widths as needed for the best visual presentation of data. Our company designs responsive websites, and mobile applications for clients. We host the sites on either our client’s choice of server provider or if our client wishes, we help them choose the hosting service that best fits their individual needs and budget. If you need assistance, … Continue reading

Who are the Best Web Designers?

Web Design and Marketing Professionals

Web design integrates so many technologies. Windows, Ubuntu, Solaris, Linux, Mac, Nginx, mySQL, Apache, Apache2, php, xcode… How do you choose from so many possibilities? Endless server, application and design choices changing everyday. How dow we integrate this together? Click Here: Tell Us What you Want to Do! Combining the various parts of the puzzle for a fast and efficient environment will depend on what the development is intended to do. Are we serving static websites? WordPress … Continue reading

Web Design

Using a customized computer programming application, our web design team is able to provide clients with much more for much less than our competitors. Very affordable sites can begin small and grow. When you use our services you receive a website that allows for customization to the site design without the knowledge of codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or SQL even though they are always running in the background. With a little knowledge or a … Continue reading