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Web Design and Marketing I am website designer, a marketing professional and a little bit of everything between. I received my master's degree in engineering from the University of Louisville. I graduated in 2005 after keeping myself afloat using very shady SEO and Affiliate marketing schemes. Back in the day I was a master of Black Hat SEO, but my experience over time has led me to using White and slightly Gray shades of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Marketing with Google, Bing & Yahoo For over ten years I have watched as the internet search engines have reshaped the world. The constant changes making Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines churn is what I focus on. It used to be possible to trick them easily. Today content is king and the SEO tricks are the pawns.

HTTPS SSL Certificates on Nginx Server Configurations

A lot of information can be found across the internet concerning SSL certificates. How they work and what they are used for are questions that require numerous books dedicated to the subject just to begin answering the question. This configuration will work with the WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other PHP configurations. SSL Certificates and HTTPS in simple terms If you have used the previous tutorials for setting up an Nginx cloud server, you may now be ready … Continue reading

WordPress Tutorials, Starting with the Top 10

All over the internet you can find help for developing websites using the WordPress cloud application. Finding the best tutorial for your individual needs can sometimes be overwhelming, but you can rest assured with an almost 100% guarantee that all of your questions will be answered somewhere. The Top 10 #1 WordPress.org By far the most comprehensive resource on the internet for everything WordPress, wordpress.org may be our favorite website in existence. The site is a hub … Continue reading

Twitter, Facebook or Google+ | What should you spend your time on?

Web Design and Marketing Professionals

Social networking can help improve your results across search engines and further expose your website across the growing cloud. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are all great media outlets, but choosing one to concentrate your time and efforts on will depend on the demographic you are trying to focus on. Twitter vs. Facebook Survey data from Piper Jaffray is showing a new trend among teenagers in the United States. The study by Piper Jaffray found 26% of teenagers … Continue reading

JavaScript Examples Hello! Please click the button below labeled “Click Me!” Click Me! … Continue reading

The Fastest Nginx LEMP Server Configuration and Set-Up

Access RDS Console

The following tutorial will allow you to run an optimized Nginx server with Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04, Ubuntu Quantal 12.10, or Ubuntu Server 13.04 Raring Ringtail. In this tutorial we will be running the server using Amazon Web Services and a Ubuntu 12.04 instance. Follow the link if you need help setting up the instance. Once you have the server set up, use SSH and a command line tool and begin with the following command. cd / … Continue reading

Starting a Review Website on A Subdomain Tutorial

Adding The Subdomain DNS Record You may need to contact your domain provider, but most will allow you to perform the following steps by logging in to your account. To set up the subdomain and point it to your hosting server requires that you add an A dns record with the host name set to “subdomain” and the IP address pointing to server. Open Source Review Application Installation For this tutorial we will be installing the OpenReviewScript … Continue reading

Who are the Best Web Designers?

Web Design and Marketing Professionals

Web design integrates so many technologies. Windows, Ubuntu, Solaris, Linux, Mac, Nginx, mySQL, Apache, Apache2, php, xcode… How do you choose from so many possibilities? Endless server, application and design choices changing everyday. How dow we integrate this together? Click Here: Tell Us What you Want to Do! Combining the various parts of the puzzle for a fast and efficient environment will depend on what the development is intended to do. Are we serving static websites? WordPress … Continue reading

Magento Nginx On Ubuntu Server

The following tutorial will use one of the domains hosted on the previously configured and optimized nginx server for WordPress. We will be installing the Magento application into the separate subdomain server store.yourdomain.com. This tutorial is a continuation of: Ubuntu Nginx AWS EC2 RDS | WordPress Ready Server For Multiple Domains. To begin we will log in on our ubuntu server using SSH as discussed in the previous tutorials. After logging in, begin as usual with the … Continue reading

Optimize WordPress on Nginx with Gzip, Browser Cache, and Page Cache

The following tutorial uses nginx gzip and server caching, eliminating the need for the W3 total cache and the many nightmares that can come from it’s use. In future tutorials we will integrate in the Amazon S3 CDN. The goal is a perfect score for page speed @ tools.pingdom.com After completing this tutorial, if you have followed the previous tutorial AWS Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Nginx and WordPress, you will have a WordPress site as fast, possibly … Continue reading

Domain Names for Successful Websites

Choose the best domain name for your individual goals. The internet has exploded and today’s society looks for businesses with search engines more often than phonebooks, or other media. Local businesses and global retailers, are taking advantage of this growing trend more everyday. Domain names can give you a place where you can create your own unique website, whether it is an online shopping and web store or a place where you review games, host discussions or … Continue reading

Favorite Ubuntu Nginx AWS EC2 RDS | WordPress Ready Server For Multiple Domains

It took a load of work to get this put together and I haven’t had time to put pictures and other stuff into it. The server configuration will definitely need some final tweaks, but this will certainly get things going. Nginx is incredible but new so any help would be appreciated. Use the contact above. This doesn’t have to be on Amazon Cloud servers and you can easily tweak most of the following for Drupal, Joomla, Magento … Continue reading

Part 2- Amazon EC2 RDS WordPress

Continued from Part 1 – Fast Amazon AWS Optimized WordPress EC2 RDS S3 Manual Cache Gzip Config – Part 1 The next few steps will take us through the roughest part of setting up our WordPress install. In the last part we launched an AWS Ubuntu 12.10 EBS boot instance. If you got to this part of the tutorial very fast the instance may still be pending. You can check on the instance by visiting EC2 from … Continue reading

Part 4- Install WordPress with EC2 and RDS Instance

Continued from – Fast Amazon AWS Optimized WordPress EC2 RDS S3 Manual Cache Gzip Config – Part 1 Continued from – Amazon EC2 RDS WordPress – Part 2 Continued from – Tutorial on Amazon EC2 RDS WordPress with SSH – Part 3 Now we are going to be creating a directory under in the directory path /var. Login to your AWS server using the command: ssh -i /yourcomputers/path/directory/YOURKEYPAIRNAME.pem ubuntu@Yo.ur.El.ast.ic.IP Quick Learning Terminal Command Line Tips For the … Continue reading

Part 3- Tutorial on Amazon EC2 RDS WordPress with SSH (Shh Don’t be scared:)

Continued from – Fast Amazon AWS Optimized WordPress EC2 RDS S3 Manual Cache Gzip Config – Part 1 Continued from – Amazon EC2 RDS WordPress – Part 2 Using SSH to Access Amazon AWS EC2 and RDS The following will use Terminal on mac. If you are using a PC then you may decide to use PuTTY for your command line interface. Go for it. The most difficult part will be connecting and setting up the public … Continue reading