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Packaged Services

$500/ Month SEO Pack

  • Free Website and Hosting*
  • Google/ MSN/ Yahoo/ Bing
  • Set-up and Maintenance
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Content Development
  • Two Hours per Month Consulting

$1000/ Month SEO Pack

  • Free Website and Hosting*
  • Google/ MSN/ Yahoo/ Bing
  • Set-up and Maintenance
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Content Development
  • Two Hours per Month Consulting
  • Adwords PPC Account Management


*Contact us for complete details. Call 904.274.0787

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Websites Design, Host and Cloud Deployments
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Starting Websites Made Easy and Affordable

CMS systems, using cloud hosted computer programs, allow you to create, customize and maintain a website with ease. Very little or no understanding of code is needed. HTML and CSS are automatically generated. HTML, Javascript, PHP code and your website can be maintained and updated without ever actually touching any of the code. You will want to ensure that your site's servers are operating and configured for anticipated traffic. Let us be your cloud technology consultant to scale resources up and down to save you money. Please contact us with questions as you skim through the numerous options we provide. We can also provide custom solutions to accomplish any task that may require a team of designers or engineers from all fields.

Start Building Today!

Everyone should start a website immediately and let it start growing. In the future you may have an excellent source for extra income or a valuable, easily organized computing and cloud storage resource.

Should I have a website?

A website is more than most realize. They are a method of connecting to cloud computers where very powerful applications can be used to do anything imaginable. Unlimited hosting packages are an excellent opportunity to get cloud based storage like Dropbox or Google Cloud at much lower prices. Your site can be an online store, huge social network, private social network, private business network, an advanced gaming system or just about anything imaginable. And all of the above at the same time.
Target-Icon Custom Sites
What does your website need to do? Would you like a web design to generate phone calls, fill out forms, and acquire new business? Would you like to build a business without limits? Websites integrating videos, pictures, games and much much more are possible using our services. We have engineers, designers and marketing professionals waiting for your requests. Integrate all our services and see what you can become.
Target-Icon E-commerce
Would you like a 24/ 7 store open on the internet? Could you use the extra profits from decreasing overhead associated with utilities and staff during open hours? Would you like to start small and grow your shop without limits? The growth of the E-commerce industry is not without reason. Everyday there are more and more customers online who are switching to the convenience of shopping on the internet. Make sure you are there to be found!
Target-Icon SEO
Search engine optimization is a new science. The mathematics of the algorithms that control placements in the search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo are increasing in complexity everyday. Your website can be optimized using a detailed engineering approach focused on how the search engines look at websites. As the dynamic nature of the internet changes you can rest assured knowing we will be changing with it.
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About Us

Websites Cloud Host is a site development and cloud network by James Hilliard, Web Design and Internet Marketing. James has been in the web design, marketing and internet networking field for over 10 years and when the team of developers is included we have many years of professional experience with a vast range of disciplines. You can find websites developed by our team for all types of purposes and we pride ourselves on being able to do anything a client needs. Formally educated in engineering and having received a Master's in Engineering from the University of Louisville, Speed Scientific School of Engineering, James has worked with engineers around the globe to accomplish a variety of tasks spanning the entire field of engineering, not just computers and internet. James and those working with him now design websites for individuals, small to large corporate businesses and even some of the world's largest healthcare institutions.
  • Website Design

    Typically we try to keep a site design simple, yet easily edited and maintained by clients. As mentioned previously, anything is possible, but we pride ourselves on ensuring the very best for our clients, their budget and their goals.
  • WordPress Application and Themes

    Wordpress is perfect for first time site owners and the biggest news or product suppliers in the world. Clients are typically up and running within an hour of training for simple blogging and news sites. Adding products to your online store is made easy with proper setup and training. We can provide training for new clients and we will work with you to make it as easy and fast as possible.
  • Logo Design and Graphics

    Born an artist, graphic design and logo design is another one of our specialties. Depending on your business, we are happy to help clients perfect their logo and site design to match their targeted audience, their business, and their dreams.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Let us prove our abilities.  Call 904.274.0787 and we will show you how effective our SEO services are with graphs and more. Contact Us...